February 20, 2006

Raah-sul! (Gold Coast Part 1)

Back from Gold Coast. Thoroughly exhausted - not the relaxing holiday I had envisaged but anyhow, the Queensland marketing campaign is 'Very G.C'. I would suggest that the G.C stands for Good and Crap. Here are top Good/Crap moments from the weekend.(pics to come later)

1.Delayed flights and threat of cancellation on departure but weather cleared up and we were able to fly (1 hour behind schedule).

2.Movie world wasn’t as good as I remembered – it’s much smaller than American theme parks. However, Superman Ride was gut wrenching, face-contortingly fast – those G-forces made me scream and then laugh at myself for screaming.

3. Scooby Doo roller coaster ride was fantastic, it starts off like a dodgy ghost train carnival ride, then hits you where it hurts when it turns into a backwards-cant-see-where-you’re-going-in-the-dark-just-like-playing-corners-at-high-speed rollercoaster joy ride!

4.Very Crappy meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Give me Sydney food anyday! The only saving graces during the trip were Sapporo Japanese Restaurant at Broadbeach (who knew I craved rice that much!), and Lonestar (when Lonestar tastes so good, you know the standard of food around you is not so good).

5.The 'EXOTIC ASIAN...GROCERIES' sign. Unfortunately we never took a picture, but there was classic sign in Mermaid Beach that was huge and wrapped around the building with the ‘exotic asian’ sign facing the direction of traffic and then revealing the ‘groceries’ sign as you drove along. He he he!

6. Splendido accommodation was indeed splendido, except for dodgy shower head in ensuite! Even got ESPN for Rookie NBA game

7. Lying on the beach in the shade of... a 20 storey building. Jpeg needed a nanna nap out of the sun - he was sceptical that there would be sufficient shade on the beach – until I pointed at the football field sized shadow cast along the beach.

8. Kath and Kims walking and talking everywhere – especially at the Buffet! ‘Noice!’

9. Paying someone to shave off dead bits of skin encrusted with Blackwattle Bay dirt off bottom of my feet and paint my toe hot coral orange!

10.Complete lack of quality surfie shopping. Was bitterly disappointed to not grab any bikini bargains! Just overpriced big brand crap as usual.

PS. The title - 'Raah-sul' is the dodgy old man who's Exotic Asian girlfriend worked at Asian massage and beauty place where I got pedicure. The GF was bossing him around yelling his name which in English is 'Russell'.


Blogger frangipaddle said...

- hysterical! We missed ya last weekend though :( !

IF there's a next time, hit Robina - think you'd like the Shopping Mall there which has gotten bigger since I moved away.. ooh years ago (age showing!)....
Also it's much nicer at Main beach where I used to live, close to the Spit and Seaworld. Next time visit the Sheraton Mirage there... they used to serve the BEST HOT CHOCOLATES in the wee hours of the morn :) ... ahhh the poor uni students that we were...
Glad you're back though Becky :)

3:32 pm  

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