January 04, 2006


So here is my experiment with the mugcake. Miss Cherie gave them to me at xmas from some japanese supermarket in Northbrige, and it was only today that I noticed that they had expired in december 05, so i thought id' better try it out.

From what we could decipher from the package (which is all in japanese)
Step 1. Add package into mug with 1 egg mix wtih chopsticks (hehe)
Step 2. Put in microwave for 1 minute
Step 3. Pull out of microwave and compare with picture on package...err not quite the same fluffy looking cupcake
Step 4. Taste cake, add cream to increase flavour, then chuck in bin, coz it taste just like those rubber, flavourless microwave cakes that I used to bake back in late 80s.

Yeah so the novelty wore out after the first bite! But it seemed like a good idea at the time....It's apparently chocolate flavour, but there wasn't really much to it, abit like a sponge, but not sweet enough or light enough in texture. I dont think the useby date made a difference to the cake....


Blogger jaysun said...

I like how you only used Mount Franklins instead of normal tap water. I also use special filtered water that is almost alkaline free in my coffees.

This is a convenient option for my future dessert parties. I will try it when I invite other people over whom I don't really care about impressing.

11:58 pm  
Blogger Bex said...

There is no water in this recipe. Good Try though, Jaysun. It's just one egg!

4:48 pm  
Anonymous Mich said...

I don't trust cooking anything with the microwave.. unless maybe popcorn.. and only because Bec you said it can be just as good as the lime wasabi salt butter zest amazing amazing ones you made the other week!

6:51 pm  
Blogger G said...

mmmm.. cake

5:44 pm  

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