March 23, 2005

What I did last weekend...

Last weekend I joined the Dark Side* and did a 34km changes race in Shoal Bay up in Port Stephens. It was a weekend of my first ever OC race which happened to be the changes race (where you jump in and out of the boat while it is moving) and not the 6km short course (which I initially wanted to do). It was a whole tonne of fun, even if we did come last!

*The Dark Side is the Pacific Dragons, the arch rival dragonboat team in my 8 years of dragonboat paddling. But since I am only doing canoeing with's all good.



Anonymous Gregan said...

haha.. so you're a PD'er now eh?
bloody hell.. 34 kilometres.. wasn't that rather tiring???????

7:15 am  
Blogger Tonee said...

Wah lau... Cant believe u paddling for PD's now.. Anyway, just keeping up your rep huh? CYL, ACCA, MSO/CORVU and now PD???? Hahah... I'm sure it's heaps of fun anyway! Best of luck with you paddling adventures/ swinging!!

6:32 pm  
Blogger Bex said...

Hello Tonee! I still find it weird cheering for PDs and refuse to wear Orange 'party' outfits to match the rest of the girls (orange is more unflattering than corvu blue and gold!). How are the Filo girls? ;-p

9:13 am  

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