April 10, 2006

Another Weekend (eating)

More eating – was the theme for this weekend (and every weekend).

Jpeg/TB Boy came out of hospital on Friday, to celebrate we went straight from hospital to Hungry Jacks for the much anticipated “when I get out of hospital the first thing I want to eat is a whopper-whopper". It did not disappoint.

Later that night, I baked pineapple pie and it was reviewed by TB Boy as the ‘best tasting one yet except the bottom is really burnt’ (this is my 4th attempt but I think it has more to do with the fact that anything tastes better than hospital food).

Saturday – after watching Saturday – after watching ‘The Laughing Samoans’ perform at Riverside Theatre in Parramatta (I ‘get’ island humour now…am I turning into an islander by proxy?!), the girls and I went down to Temasek for some Laksa. The rich creamy coconut milk was delish. It wasn’t until we were paying the bill that I noticed my fave Assam Laksa on the specials blackboard! Damn it! But the Laksa was still good, and then we wondered off to Church St in search of some mouth cooling gelato and westie night life. We saw drunken louts stumbling back from the Races shouted out obscenities to passers-by, women wandering barefoot in their race frocks and crushed fascinators, and there were plenty of doof doof cars cruising the strip. Ahh.."Parra..doesn’t..matta"!

After hearing about the big swells that were coming down as a result of recently cyclones, we had hoped that Sunday's regatta organisers would let us play in the big waves at Fisherman’s beach in Narrabeen. But no such luck – instead the race was moved up to Palm Beach and we pounded our canoe through the windy bay around Scotland Island. Felt knackered afterwards – but managed to drag myself to dinner with the family to celebrate dad’s 30 year anniversary for arriving in Australia! Dad’s first job was at the Pagewood KFC, I suggested we go there for dinner (ha ha) but instead we had good old canto style ginger and shallot crab, giant steamed oysters, and a beef in a hot pot soup that tasted abit like Vietnamese beef noodle soup, but less spicy. YUM! I was so stuffed. Wished that I was like Violet Beauregarde from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, so they could roll me out like a human blueberry...

And this weekend is the easter long weekend which can only mean one thing. More Eating. AGAIN!


Blogger G said...

Westies really do suck eh...
On the one hand I'm glad I live in the 'inner-west' so it's not too westie-like, but on the other hand my suburb has absolutely no night-life whatsoever.
Actually no-where around here does. There's not even a pub in this suburb! And the local ones pretty much suck.

Have to head over to Balmain for some semi-nice pubs, or to the city for something a little more upbeat...
Either way it's a short cab ride away so I guess it's not too bad ;)

hmmmm KFC. I LOVE KFC. But I can't eat it 'cos I'm trying desperately to lose weight :( sucks sucks sucks
Actually I haven't had Laksa for yonks either... and that dinner you had on Sunday sounds quite delish too, though you always seem to be eating nice food :)

Ah dear. Let me now hijack this blog since I haven't blogged in my blog for ages, and pose this question:
"What do you think the world would be like if sex didn't feel 'good'? i.e. there was no orgasms or anything... if it was purely a making babies thing like it is for most animals?"

It'd be so different eh? No sex crimes, no paedophiles, no sex trade.
I guess it'd be rather boring though...

hmm that reminds me... I'm hungry. I'd kill for a kebab or a few slices of pizza about now (7am Tuesday hehe)

7:10 am  

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