April 07, 2006

End of summer...

I’d like to officially announce that it’s no longer summer. Ha!
I know it’s April but March still had days like summer in the mid 20s and I was hoping that the heat would last longer this year, but when the bottle of Tahitian tanning lotion (courtesy of Red Ginger) goes from a nice liquid state to solid overnight – there’s no denying that the seasons have changed.

PS. Jpeg is coming out of hospital today! Yippee! Now I’ve just got to fatten him up and get him back to normal!


Blogger frangipaddle said...

Ms Glam - you didn't use any of it over summer - !?! (mine looks the same when I spotted it this am :( )
- we go to Tahiti next year ?? - we go - Iorana !! :)

11:01 am  
Blogger frangipaddle said...

PS - if you need tasters for the dishes you bake for Jpeg - you know where to find us! :)
Hooray ! He's back at home!

11:08 am  

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