April 02, 2006

The low down (public service announcement)

Hello friends.

Just a little note to let you know the good news is that Jpeg's mysterious illness is confirmed as T.B. Thanks for all the well wishes - he's still in hospital but hopefully will be out sometime this week and on the road to recovery (he has to get treatment for 6 months).

The bad news is that TB is a contagious but luckily curable disease and if you think Jpeg might have coughed or breathed air near you in the last few weeks (i.e. his birthday celebrations last weekend....that's the last time i organise anything!) you might want to go get a check up with the G.P and ask for the TB skin test just to be sure. If you have contracted TB - the incubation period is about two weeks from contact.

The symptoms for TB are:
  • coughing for 2-3 weeks with no improvement after treatment
  • weight loss (unintentionally and not on jenny craig)
  • feeling unwell and tired
  • fever and night sweats (drenched clothes and bedsheets kind of sweating)

If you have noticed all these symptoms get thee to a doctor quick smart.

Okay that's the end of the public service announcement.


Blogger G said...

TB gives UNINTENTIONAL weight loss!? HOOK ME UP!!!!

7:14 am  

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