June 12, 2006

June Long Weekend

Yay for the long weekend! This weekend I managed alot of nothingness and abit of everything, which is exactly what I planned. We scrambled up to chatswood for THE cream puffs, which were just as we good as we remembered them!

Red Ginger and I hit the sales 'in training' for our Europe trip (lots of walking/shopping), the variety at Chatswood is like an oasis compared to my suburban style desert! We saw The Break Up - oh yes I did get abit teary (and not just because I am tres envious of Ms. Aniston's toned and taut body).

And I pulled out the pink mixer again and baked my first ever batch of chocolate macaroons care of the fabulous Nigella and her 'How to be a domestic goddess' book, which Jpeg bought for my birthday (under instructions over the mobile phone 'the one with the cupcake on the front ', 'but they all have cupcakes on the front?!'). I can't wait to try all the macaroons in Paris!


Blogger frangipaddle said...

ooh ! Yum!
I hereby nominate myself - aka Maulena - as official Guinea Pic/taster to the great baking chef Glamarama... for the benefit of everyone else of course.

Why ? Coz every great baker needs one (or two!) ...


12:27 pm  

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