May 30, 2006


Been feeling abit off lately, abit blergh and grumpy, but as Kittykat's daily horrorscopes say - Venus is back in my house so bring on the love...

Last weekend I competed in my first ever OC1 race. It was a leisurely 10km paddle up and down Lane Cove River and I'm glad I did it, the weather was stunning, and weaving up and down the river was much more fun than attempting to run around the bay. Yes would rather paddle 10km than run for 1km!

Many busy weekends coming up before Hamilton Island Cup Race at end of June.

This weekend's check list looks like this
1. Paddle to Long Reef and try not to re-enact last year's scenario (almost flipping and crashing on reef)
2. Build a 3 tiered tim tam Colosseum
2. Design a roman/toga costume
3. Go to THE party
4. Get very drunk
5. Fight gladiators off for a big piece of crackling off the suckling pig
6. Turn the Tim Tam Colosseum into ruins
6. Go to Ikea and help Ben and Syl build billy bookcases.

Bring on the weekend...

and Tomorrow - I'm booking our flights to Europe! WooHoo!


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