May 22, 2006

More party photos

I had a great weekend - tequila and tacos on friday night, saturday morning paddle and breaky in Balmoral then drinks with a whole bunch of friends in Rozelle.

My mean girls and Syl helped organise the best present ever!! The breville stand mixer in PINK that i have been eyeing off since xmas and a whole bunch of pink baking accessories.... Let the bake off begin!! More pics in my gallery - just click on the picture for the link to see lots of photos where I am very drunk and everyone around me is not so drunk but amused at how drunk I am. ha!

Sunday - TB Boy and I helped Syl and Ben move using my dad's hilux. We had this evil thought of how funny it would be seeing their queen size mattress fly off the Gladesville Bridge!

TB boy is in love with the truck - he wanted to pick up his cousins to sit in the back and drive to a house party...i reminded him that he was on longer in Fiji :p


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the invite!! Otherwise I would have flown all the way back just for u!! :P

12:31 pm  
Blogger Bex said...

Thanks Tonee! Would you really have flown all the way back for me?! haaa! BTW Mel and I might be coming your way for a stopoverflyby in Sept on the way to Europe. Will keep in touch!

1:45 pm  

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