June 27, 2006

One Dark Italian takeaway

dark italian, originally uploaded by creamy_mash.

Jpeg and I have been checking out the new section of Parramatta Westfields - they have a max brenner chocolate cafe there now! The only problem is that it is always packed, so i've had to resort to taking away my 'dark italian' with my 'tan fijian' :p


Blogger JGE said...

Paying with a $50, eh...

Dear, never carry less than a $100 and if you dare shop in a place cheap enough that you get change, drop it on the floor and watch the peasants scramble... then kick them.

Seriously tho, that $5 would have been better spent on a Large Mint Chocolate Chip Thickshake from Baskin Robins!

11:17 pm  

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