June 27, 2006


Last weekend, we went to the Hunter Valley to celebrate Shar's 30th and also wayne' 31st.
This was taken at the Tempus Two vineyard, which is more like a nightclub with lounges and funky chandeliers than the other more traditional style cellar doors.

Mrs. Leo flew in from London to celebrate and showed us that she is still in peak condition despite being a housewife (with a medical degree) for over a year! Check out her guns!

Jpeg enjoys the home cooked meal (btw those are HIS pink slippers not mine!). We visited a few wineries, but he's not big on wine and this is a picture of him trying to figure out what bouquet is by smelling some dried up leaves on the vine.

This is the view from the mountain top where we drove up to search for a lavender farm that was closed when we got there!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

ooh looks like you had fun girl!
You know when i saw the first pic, i thought that was old man Chan (Tony) instead of Tiff :P

Fiona looks like she could take on shar as well.. haha

How did the stew turn out?


12:44 pm  

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