July 12, 2006

Emaciated in St Tropez

Yesterday’s bizarre ‘summer’ day of 24 C smack in the middle of winter reminded me that there’s less than 2 months to go before Red Ginger and I hit Europe. I’ve been day dreaming about getting a tan whilst cruising the French Riviera whilst wearing ridiculously big sunglasses over my ridiculously small eyes, whilst attempting to sunbathe topless whilst drinking a cocktail. At work they joke about me being ‘Emaciated in St. Tropez’ because they think I won’t be able to afford to eat. Like that is EVER going to happen – be becoming emaciated would require my body to live on ‘Survivor’ style ratios for at least 2 months. And I would quite happily sell my belongings before I would starve – how many euros does it take to live off crepes, pasta, fromage and baguettes!

We will be traveling the whole of September through
Paris – French and Italian Riveria – Rome - Venice – Turkey – London –Tokyo.
If you want to join us along the way just email me. If you have any ‘must see and do’ suggestions – also send them our way!

For those of you living in the UK, we will be arriving in London at the end of our journey for a brief stint at the end of September for a few days (possibly the Wed 27th Sept), so pencil us in for a cocktail or two or three or more. I will be emailing you all closer to the date.


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