July 04, 2006

Lisa Curry Kenny

Last year, I managed to rack up a total of 3 Lisa sightings during the Hamilton Island Cup Race, but I didn't manage to deliver on my promise

This year I delivered the goods - lots of sightings and a photo!
..better late than never!

PS. Will post a proper review of hamo later. Right now i'm suffering from post-holiday-can't-believe-i'm-back-at-work-and-it's-not-25-degrees blues.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

oooh - Lisa Curry Kenny!
Noice one!

Is she shorter than you? Looks like wouldve been towering over her if you werent crouching to her level.

catch up soon

2:20 pm  
Blogger frangipaddle said...

Soooooo Glamarama,

Did you get an invitation?? (*remember if verbal it's information - in the mail (snail) then invitation ;) )...

& then ??

10:47 am  
Blogger Bex said...

Syl - yeah i'm SO much BIGGER than her ha haha. no i'm not. she's just good at posing for flattering photos.

Maureen - I'm waiting at the postbox everyday for my invite to join her team!!

1:28 pm  

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