May 21, 2004

Another 25th* Birthday Over!
Mucho gracias for all the love and gifts dear friends! Have been overwhelmed by too much love!

Here are some of the highlights of my day

0:01 Spent in Clinton�s �Editing Suite� serenaded on the phone by the one and only talents of Duane and Alan and who ever else that was � I suspect Flava Jane�Anyhow it was great way to start of my birthday � and fall asleep to! Haha!

9:00 MASSAGE! Mmmm�.

13:00 Lobster and Oysters in Pyrmont Park with Jpeg

20:00 Seeing De La Guarda theatrical acrobatic group � where my bra was unhooked by one of the performers as a birthday gift! Totally awesome show that felt like a big party!!

23:30 Phone call from darling Cazz in London who just snuck in before end of the birthday!

And in true form the celebrations will continue over to the weekend and until the end of the month! Haha!

Will be posting pics up for everyone�s visual pleasure soon (when my digital camera is fixed!)

* Last year I decided every birthday henceforth I shall be turning 25th�again.


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