August 20, 2004

OMG just lost an entire entry AGAIN.

Anyhow to recap � lost of distractions and disasters � especially since our dragonboats got destroyed � some morons decided to make a $150,000 bon fire and basically burnt them to a pile of ash. At least we made it into the news and had good publicity � training continues in borrowed wooden boats!

Last weekend I made it into the mixed team based on my erg (rowing machine) time trials � which is great news (yippee) that I�m on track with training and in the top 8. Except that it�s only the erg and it will be based on the water time trials too. Also, the pain in my shoulders and back was too much and I went to the physio on Tuesday who advised me that I had injured my thoracic spine area and I think all my muscles around there are very tight and were stretching my nerves which is bad. So this week has been �sad hurty� week in the style of Mars (the original �injury sped�) I�ve been getting intensive physio and haven�t been water training at all but have been training to do cardio in the gym.

Somehow despite my recent bad eating habits - from the many various �tony chan get lost� parties, I managed to lose almost 1kg in body fat which means I am now on down to 72ish which is my lowest weight in a long time! Unfortunately the diet restrictions have turned into mental torture bringing on anxiety dreams of me eating huge amounts chocolate croissants and then waking up in a panic and then a feeling of relief after realising that I didn�t actually consume all those calories. Maybe it�s a good thing to dream about eating them instead of actually eating them! Ha.

Anyhow only 8 days to go until the trials � am seriously going to work hard on the diet and fitness in the next few days � even if I don�t get to do any weights � I think I�m strong enough and muscles doesn�t go away until 4 weeks, so I think I�m going to make it through the trials!



Blogger Sharlene said...

Hehehe...goooooo Reeeeeebeccccaaaa!!! You can do it!! Congrats on the ERG machine!!

Very funny about you dreaming that you ate the chocolate croissants! Hehehehe...

4:48 pm  
Blogger G said...

hehehe.. funny

hey I reckon you should comment on your own blogs Beck - 'cos there are no cutting comments without you!

anyway.. good luck with the trials!


1:30 pm  
Blogger Chad said...

Hey Becs... YOU CAN DO IT!!!

You kick ass... I think all the mediatation and visualisation trainning is making you think of fatty foods :)

As long as you are dreaming and not really eating :)

3:16 pm  
Blogger Marissa said...

Be Aggressive ... Be Be Aggressive!
B-B-B-Beccaaaaaa (cf. T-T-T-Torrence).
Go and kill it, then you can pig out and crash out afterwards

4:30 pm  
Blogger Duane said...

GO BECK YOU CAN DO IT! I know you'll put in your best. How are you by the way? its been a while. Anyway Hope to read your success story on your blog next week.

3:26 am  

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