June 09, 2004

Do you have a perfect face?

Apparently this is the perfect face.

I always thought that the sum of slight imperfections made up so called photogenic beauty - but it's been proven there is a perfect proportioned face by mathematics and the golden triangle and Pi. The website "doctors" claim that the 'perfectly proportioned mask' can be applied over anyone's face be they any sex, colour and age (with minor variations). It also helps when you're a cosmetic surgeon convincing people they need surgery to achieve the perfect face of beauty.

YES - I fully intend to superimpose the mask onto a photo of my face to see how close to perfect I really am (haha). Otherwise I will just walk around with it stuck onto my face.


Blogger G said...

hmm.. she looks good.. but not perfect to me
different strokes for different folks anyway right?

9:54 pm  

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