June 04, 2004

How very...European!

My partner in crafty crimes, Miss Cazz, is currently living in the UK. Some days when I walk past a Sportgirl store or see a roll of gaffa tape, I wonder what she is up to�.And then I get photos like this from her and I REALLY start to wonder �what is she up to?! Haha! Cheers Darlinks!

PS. 'Apparently' this is a Pash Off! Can't think of a better way to entertain yourselves... ;) And yes I'm sure all you boys out there are enjoying the girl on girl action! You go Girls!


Blogger G said...

HMM. *WHY* does a roll of gaffa tape remind you of Miss Cazz??? HMMMMMM... my fragile innocent lil mind would probably prefer not to know actually.

hey and.. why is everybody kissing one another? Personally I'm not really into watching girls get it on with one another... oh well. About as exciting as watching guys get it on with one another? no thanks..

2:27 pm  
Blogger G said...

Upon reflection, maybe it's not quite as bad as watching two guys go at it... hehe

I think I could watch 2 girls 'pash'... but.. 2 guys? I'd probably feel the need to look away...


Hmm.. it all reminds me of Chasing Amy, if you've ever seen it.. when Ben Affleck thinks the girl digs him at the beginning of the movie and he hasn't worked out that she's got the whole 'pink triangle' thing going on.. but sure as hell finds out when she walks up and wraps her arms and lips around another girl... rather hungrily..

I think his reaction to that.. if you remember it.. would be my reaction.. hehehe...

But then his friend sitting next to him... loved every minute of it...

8:17 am  
Blogger Chad said...

What the hell is this game? See Adam pashing another chick!


2:21 am  

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