August 19, 2004

Well folks. Only 9 days to go until individual time trials. So forgive me if I attempt to bite off your head from hunger and/or frustration in the next few days!

Anyhow my attempts to get into the mixed team are being thwarted by multiple distractions.
1. My manager has been doing cake and sausage roll runs for the past few weeks to raise money to make bail for the 'lock up your boss day' charity thingy that we signed him up to. I think he has raised the target of $500 and so I can stop sweating about being tempted by lamingtons, finger buns and sausage rolls!

2. My back and shoulder has been screaming in pain for the past few weeks but i thought i could ignore it and it would go away - instead I spent the team time trials grimacing from the pain. Have been getting intensive physio in the style of 'jana' to be in less pain for the time trials

3. Crappy weather = more food = less exercise = no loss of body fat. Am going to the dietitian tomorrow so all fats shall be revealed. Dont think I've lost anything (again) MOFO!

They are all the excuses i can come up with at the moment! Regardless of these distractions I will be kicking my arse next week in lead up to the time trials!

SHout Out to Tony Chan - who is off to honkers to seek fame and fortune and find good looking honkie/expats. Good luck old man - hope you get to build 'quality' developments!

Okay people - over and out! That's the latest update!


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