June 18, 2004

I'm luvin it!

Yes - this is our little fan club for the JT concert last wednesday. It was really alot better than I expected he was an impressive performer and not quite so N*sync style - very less 'dirty pop!' and alot cooler than I thought on that white boy scale "play that funky music white boy" - his beat box was awesome! Just like the newspaper reviews were saying - not quite what the teenagers were hoping for but alot more rewarding for the older fans! yes me! an older fan *sigh*. Thankfully, clintos, shazza, jpeg and I enjoyed the spectacle in the comfort of our seats unlike the others who had to stand for 3 hours on their feet next screaming 16 y.o girls (though I know Wayne enjoyed every minute!).

Anyhow have missed training for 5 days now and am feeling the deterioration of my muscles and fitness - I hate being sick! aghh my throat is all swollen and itchy! And i'm so cold! While the Australian team get to go to Sabah to enjoy the sun! Luckily all i had to do at work today was colour in maps :p no really - i generated census data maps and got to choose pretty colours (yes one of them was pink...) I"m so not predictable. maybe. no. yes. *you're very near you know* hehehehh (shout out to elainers!)


Blogger G said...

JT??? oh boy...

*shakes head in disgust*

*rolls eyes in disgust too*

*wishes he was there to see the screaming 16yr-old girls ;)*

*but really wouldn't have been caught dead there :P*

oh boy..

11:10 pm  
Blogger elainers said...

am not! wait.. am not! but actually i.. so noT! :p bleaaah you're damn close!

1:55 pm  

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