August 02, 2004

Yes blog Guilt.

Here's an update of recent events in my life.

1. Indecent Exposure. Yes around 52,000 residents and employees within Kog-ar-rah now know who I am, what I look like and that I am campaigning to win Gold at the World Champs for Dragonboat after they published an article about me in the local newsletter. (Cannot hide my face now!)

2. Release of XO Men DVD. Yes finally. no more and den!

3. Half a Kilo of Fat loss. Over the last 2 months I have been trying to reduce my body fat for time trials. My change in diet has included the purchase of a recipe book cost $27 PLUS $100 worth of dietitian consultation fees (which i was refunded $96 worth from MBF!) . This outlay has resulted in only 0.5 kgs of lost fat, though this might be inaccurate as it might just a human error in measurement. BAH! So I have resolved (yet again) to stop wasting my money and time and actually get with the program. My aim is to lose 0.5 kgs a week. I have 11 weeks. so 4 kgs would be my ultimate goal and close to 70kgs would make me happy and under 70kgs would make me weep with joy ;p . And the reasons? Well not only for time trials, but really for vanity too! What is the point of training my arse off when my arse wont actually come off, i ask you?!

4. First/last Dragonboat race of the season. On the weekend, we bid Old Man Tony farewell with his last race with CorVu - down in Panania. It was great except the water was cold and we didnt get to see any sharks. It took me a grand total of 7 minutes to get from my front door to the race venue. So much closer than Penrith, but not anywhere as nice facilities of course!

5. Ni Hao Anna! My old chinese dancing friend Anna came back for a visit to Sydney and we managed to catch up, it was as if she hadn't left at all! She's been working in China for two years and says that often days go by when she doesn't speak a word of english. How bizarre! (she speaks fluent chinese and japanese) Anyhow I'm going ot meet up with her in HK and go shopping craazy!

6. Have been slowly and painfully cleaning out my dump of a wardrobe. Instead of having things in messy piles, I now have things in messy piles inside separate compartments so as to 'contain' the mess. Yes alot of money spent on 'containers'. Anyhow will have to do ANOTHER big clean out of clothes I bought but never wore and clothes that do not fit (not because I have lost weight, rather they never fitted properly to begin with). It's so painful seeing all that wasted money being thrown out. If only i could get tax deducations for my contributions to charity clothing bins :p

7. Happy Birthdays to a Brian 'Slut Boy' and Cherie 'Mad Cow'!



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