May 31, 2004

Harro! *sob* Goodbye!

Following the sad news that funky 'corvu idol' action host Duane Lawrence Wee (he even has his own STAMP) will be leaving our sunny shores for Shag-a-pore.
The first pic was at the recent Corvu end of season party - Clinto, Duane, Harmonie and Formerly Flava "it's costs money to film me" Jane...who henceforth shall be known as 'Alane-Jane'! (Feel that love!)

And the second pic was taken on one of the first nights when I got to know Duane abit better, over chocolate fondue, more precisely - during our self-imposed fondue eating contest. Shar is in the background looking on in amused disgust at the sheer volume of gorging that occurred. Clearly I took a shining to the boy who could stomach as much chocolate as me! hahaha!

the reason why i have these two pics is...because they are the only decent pics I have of Duane haha! I think most of the time he was too busy taking pics with his own camera!

So , I post these two pictures as my simple but heartfelt tribute to a new friend with so many talents! Our fun times were too short, dood! Make sure you stay in touch and I expect updates on your quest to spread the "harro good morning" craze! And man do you have good taste - those earrings are fant-ab-ulous!


Blogger Duane said...

awwwwww.......... forgot all about that yummy choc fondue! yes its been too short of a time to get to know you. however i bet there is alot more than meets the eye. (pole dancin... hmmm) Oh well at least we got to let the good times roll, i will most definately be reading your blog for constant updates of your life. its been great knowing you .... and there will be MORE in e future. Anyway you'll be visiting ME, when U visit fiona and eric yah ? :)

6:35 pm  

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