May 31, 2004

�I got a pole in the basement��

As some of you may have already heard � I did a pole dancing lesson called �Polestars� last night at the Republic Bar in the city. And before you jump to any seedy conclusions � it was organised by a bunch of my friends and it is being promoted as a new form of exercise not unlike a dance class except with a pole� no really. Not seedy at all, except for rolling around on a dirty stained carpet in the bar. And to answer all your questions first up.

1. We didn�t learn to strip or any ping pong ball tricks
2. I have no intention of making a career out of my new pole dancing skills
3. There were no �spectators� except the other girls who were there for the class and i checked there were no two way mirrors
4. Yes a lot of them wore hotpants and knee high boots
5. No I didn�t get pole burn (but did get a few bruises)
6. And NO Clinton, the bruises were only on my feet.
7. It is highly unlikely (unless I am very drunk or you offer me an indecent proposal) that I will be doing pole dancing demos or fundraisers for any of you�

So the class started off with warm ups and some pep talking of our �lush� instructor (who apparently is a professional dance instructor and not a professional pole dancer � I was abit disappointed I was hoping to meet a real one) we spent 2 hours learning to mount, feel and twirl around the pole, which was actually quite hard � I have a new found respect for pole dancers (who would have thought?!). It�s very hard to look sexy and graceful whilst trying to stop yourself from sliding down the pole in a heap. Anyhow there wasn�t much grinding, it was more about techniques to twirl around the pole, it was quite fun but realistically I don�t see no point to learning these skills, unless of course�someone has a pole in their basement. Har!


Blogger G said...


5:58 am  
Blogger Bex said...

Sometimes it's nice to have a full spectrum of skills - incase of emergency and one day I have to pole-dance my way out of a situation...

8:59 am  
Blogger G said...


I guess so..

BECKSTAR - special move - can pole-dance her way out of any situation!

10:24 pm  

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