September 23, 2004


Yes long time no hear blah blah. Only 24 days til i'm off to China to win gold. Can you feel it? ;)

Anyhow not much time to chat - mostly been training, EATING (bad run of junk lately) and dreaming of crafty stuff like bags, earrings, tshirts ..the endless possibilities. And also made some KICK ASS cupcakes. I even impressed my mum who is a difficult customer.

Okay here is the obligatory suck up homage to mars for her birthday (as if i havent contributed enough) but i finally fixed up the image - though 5 minutes on photoshop is abit rough anyhow!


Blogger Marissa said...

Fantastic! This carricature is so true to real life. An excellent illustration of art imitating life. I was very impressed with that drawing when I first saw it on my 21st invite, and I am still impressed today (especially with the colours!) Next you should post a photo of you in that purple jump suit from Sydney 2000

12:16 pm  
Blogger Chad said...

Unfortunately I think I broke that purple suit ;)

9:32 pm  

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