October 05, 2004

Creme Brulee Vs. Jell-O

In response to Miss Universe�s blog entry referring to me as perfectionist cr�me brulee and her as fun-loving jell-o.

I�m hardly the perfectionist, I�m not very sickly sweet, and I�m not particularly rich (maybe full-bodied har). However if they were the only two types of desserts available for comparison, then in the situation of Marissa �I fell in the fishpond� Wong vs. Rebecca � I paddle for Australia� Lau, I guess I�m like cr�me brulee than her she is.

Conversely, in Marissa �I am getting admitted to Court� Wong vs. Rebecca �I work for Local Government� Lau, then I am more like jell-o.

Just wanted to clear up the cr�me brulee issue � ie. I am not Cameron Diaz (as much as I wish I had her life).

PS. That documentary explains to me why Shar is still single. You have to change the pitch of your voice, Shar �I�m not a maaaan�.


Blogger G said...

As if sticky-date-pudding doesn't beat all of those...
and what about banana cake? Oooh and caramel mud-cake.. hmmmm...

oh.. did I miss the point completely? Ah well... heheheehehehe.


7:58 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

WE ARE ROTI! Spicy and hot! Want to try our curry?! 'You ... you're good!'

- I still call Australia home, Duane and Alan

5:21 am  

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