December 06, 2004

This morning I bid farewell to my Jpeg (yes, 'my') at the airport, he's off on a HUGE holiday - 2 whole months! (And you all thought I was slack with my 5 weeks in china! ha!) Apparently he's been squirreling away his leave since forever. The only thing i manage to squirrel away is food and a messy room. Anyhow I'm glad he's going because he gets to see his mum and sister who live in fiji, and he gets to visit his island, Rotuma which is sufficiently far away enough from Fiji to be too inconvenient for me to go to! But the real reason I'm glad is because now i can make over his apartment, a la QUEER EYE! Except there will be no gay men, no BIG budgets, no fashion crisis makeovers (for now) and no blonde Carson, just me, maybe some help from my stylish friends and much anticipated trip to Ikea megastore in Homebush Bay. Can't wait! Will definately be doing some before and after pictures. Let's hope we can see the difference! hehe.

Survivor - Mangrove Island Series meets. Simple Life
Yesterday Kim and I got to re-enact our very own Paris and Nicole does Survivor episode. With the duties of Race Starter thrust upon us for the DB races, we were dumped on a little mangrove in teh middle of Woronora River down in The Shire. From nearly losing my thongs in the mangroves, to shifting position 3 times because of the tide coming in - we looked like a joke! We set up our little camp, with two beach chairs, mega phone, walkie talkie, snacks, sunscreen and mobile phone radio with loudspeaker (very important!). It was mega stressful being a starter, telling teams to go back and forth until the line was sort of straight and even, especially with currents and all! Kim and I hated it because we know the stress that goes through a paddler in those moments before a start. AFter each race call we would comment on whether that was an okay line up or just plain farked, oblivous to the fact that our walkies were ON and everyone on the channel could hear us going "OMG that was pathetic! If they're not going to listen to us then it's their own fault if the line isnt straight!" a rather 'nicole and paris' moment.

Domestic Appliance update.

Lately I've been dreaming of appliances. My electric handbeater broke the last time i made the Magnolia bakery cupcakes! So my new favourite lust object is the $700 Kitchenaid PINK mixmaster. I always wanted a bench top one where I dont have to hold on to the bowl! Unfortunately the only way i could justify such a big ticket item would be to win the lottery or get married. Yesterday, Mum bought me a new electric hand beater with detachable stand, so it looks like i wont have to get married for at least another 10 years...hahahha!


Blogger Sharlene said...

BTW, you and Kim did quite a good job on the starts. As a fellow starter, I do agree that it's stressful, horrendous, and after that one experience, you will know, never ever to volunteer ever again for that position. Bring on the stop watches at the finish line! :)

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