October 11, 2004

Yes I know you�ve all seen this picture before, but I am posting it up temporarily until I get a picture of the GOLD MEDAL that our Aussie Team will be winning at the World Championships in Shanghai!

Only 5 sleeps to go til I�m outta here!

There is a link to the racing website on the left (though it is quite slow and written in funny �engrish� grammar and spelling.


1. Am you excited? HELL YES. 5 weeks off work and plenty of eating afterwards and the little gold medal to attain!

2. What races are you competing in? 1km, 500m, 200m for the women�s and mixed teams (yes I scraped into the mixed woohoo!)

3. Who are your toughest competitiors? Canada, USA, Great Britain and China

4. Where are you going in China? Qing Pu (1.5 hours out from Shanghai City) for the racing for a week and then 4 weeks around � Beijing, Xian, Chengdu, Chongqing,Yangtze River, Guilin, Guangzhou and Hongkers!

5. How will I know if you are still alive and well fed? I will hopefully be able to update this blog (and not have to send out mass emails to everyone).

6. Did you find your digital camera yet? NOOOOO!!!!!!!!! Most upset and bordering on distraught at the thought of having lost it just outside of one year. * sob* .

Thanks for all the well wishes! And promise to not do a �Sally Robbins� in the race!


Blogger Marissa said...

You are "honkie-lighting" ;p

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