December 02, 2004


Office Wardrobe Malfunction.
So today I couldn't find ANY of my work skirts - those sensible pencil skirts with pinstripes that almost reach my knees. So after frantic search for clothes in my wardrobe - I'm wearing a 'going out' skirt which i bought for nice occasions - NOT WORK. Anyhow, it's new so i've never worn it before (except when i tried it on) and as I am stepping out of the house (in the pouring rain - which i also didnt expect) I realise there is a huge split right up to the top of my thigh. The split is covered with a draping flap that incidently goes 'flap flapping' in the wind and reveals most of my leg. Luckily no one was there to witness my 'liz hurley' moment.

Back in the Game.
Last night was my first official game of basketball in dare I say a whole year? Anyways - any fitness that I gained during 6 months of intensive training of my ARMS and BACK does not equate to any fitness gains in my LEGS. And yes, my face still lights up like a beetroot when I play. We won, and yes we had sexy new uniforms - which i chose from a limited colour range in China, not bad for $10 bucks a set! I scored 4 points - i hope to score at least that many every game from now on....

Sydney Weather
What the?! One day a heat wave, the next it's like winter!

China Photos
Will be creating a link to these when I have time!

Dragonboat training.
training? What training?

Shout Outs.
Syl - Hope you are not sore from circuit.
Mars - hope you get rid of your pee stains on your new uniform
fUrban - has your banana split?
Gregan - where are u?
Chad - naughty or nice?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

YAY!! I got a shout out! Thanx BecSTAR!
Found blog entry amusing considering we were talking about skirts yeterday while we were stuck in traffic. Had you only owned those mini 'mini' skirts that are currently in fashion, would you be weearing one of those to work today? ;p

Anyway you guys did look pretty sexy in those uniforms yesterday... and peko can rest assured that I managed to get her 'pee' stain out yesterday night :P

Lets get POPPIN'!


10:17 am  

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