May 25, 2005

The drought is broken

Tonight was a Grand Final basketball game at KGV. I don't remember how many seasons I've played but let's just say it's more than I can count on both hands. However - this season is rather special - it was my comeback after one year off for dragonboat, and it was Mandy and Jess' final season as they head off to the UK. After our awesome semi-final game last week we were ready to take on The Deathstars team. Mandy even made us wear 'light saber blue' side of our uniforms and we prevailed after a tight game with the final result being 25-23 or something like that. This year instead of drink bottles or socks, the winning team received caps with the KGV logo on the front (hey! that's generous for local government organised competition!). If you squint it actually looks abit like the Polo Ralph Lauren logo (but only if you really really squint!) The new season week! From top - time out with guest starring coach Wayne; our jmale cheer squad; winners are grinners; mars and I trying to look hard core in our championship caps.


Blogger G said...

oh god.. not even a week's break? DAMN!!!!!!!

well it'll be interesting to see the ALL NEW TEAM starting up next week.

I wish you had new uniforms though... I miss your old ones actually.. they were cool..

these current ones are 'ok'.. but kinda.. hmm.. too plain.. a bit TOO subtle for my liking


it's ABOUT BLOODY TIME I say.. finally you didn't CHOKE when you needed it most...

and the caps look way cool

hmm.. oh well.. see you guys next week :)

11:34 pm  
Blogger YDG said...

Hey, this proves that I _AM_ a jinx! See, everytime I show up to your grand final, you lose (even though that was only once). In the future, I should only watch games that don't count.

Can't believe next season starts next week. Why don't they have a comp that just runs all year? I reckon they do it for the membership fees.

10:06 pm  
Blogger Bex said...

yeah you can use any excuse Mrs Leo ;-p

There are only 8 teams in each division which means you play them around 2 or 3 times per season. Each new season a few teams come and go, so it makes abit of difference than playing the whole year as one comp.

G - thanks for all the continued support - unlike Fiona! Gregan has been to almost every game and now we've finally won a grand final! woohoo! What's wrong with BLUE! i chose those uniforms in china DUDE! The other colour combos were ugly...they didn't have pink ha!

10:12 pm  

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