May 30, 2005

IC Part 2

As promised - investment cooking action "take 2"! From the top left: Maggot meatballs (pork actually), 'shallots in the daylight', getting my hands dirty, the results, multi-tasking on the stove, scribbling in the sweet and sour sauce, Joe massages the chicken, and cleans their asses, try-hard artistic stovetop shot.

So last month Johann and I spent a good part of a sunday cooking up a storm. After a review of last month's dishes, this time the boys decided they wanted less chicken and more chinese food. I was abit skeptical at first, considering cantonese food is all about using fresh ingredients and retaining delicate flavours,(err plus i hardly ever cook it since my mum does such a great job!) but you gotta give the boys what they want.

So the menu was this:
Sweet and Sour pork meat balls
Kung Pao Chicken (which is actually a szechuan dish that is popular in The States, but rarely heard of in Oz, except that one time we went down to Jindy and found it in some dodgy chinese restaurant in the outback! It's kind of spicy chicken stir fry with some peanuts).
Cola chicken casserole, which had a subtle caramel flavour and not quite as COLA as i thought (must try the nigella cola ham next time),
A huge pot of bolgnaise sauce
Creamy chicken
Chicken burritos

It still took 4-5 hours and we were exhausted by the end...again. And there was still alot of chicken (there is a budget!)And somehow Jpeg managed to get out of it all again - and complain about havin to travel the distance to get the food that is already prepared for him. *sigh* But otherwise a more successful attempt. There has been some discussion about whether nuking (or *dinging* as we call it in chinese) the food to re-heat actually zaps out all the nutritional benefits of our hard labour. But then it's gotta be better than eating maccas or pizza..right?


Blogger jaysun said...

I know for a fact that when you *ding* veggies, it kills up to 80% or some other substantial amount of the nutrients. Better off steaming lah.

But so troublesome!

Boiling apparently also destroys the nutrients but you're supposed to boil vegetables only in soup where you can drink up the nutrients.

Or does boiling actually make it easier for the nutrients to be released?

Best to eat raw, and if cannot, then steam.

10:27 pm  
Blogger YDG said...

Wah, very impressive Bec! Mmmmm you'll have to tell me the recipe for that Cola Chicken...interesting. Do you mean "coca cola"?

Maybe I should try this cooking in bulk. Oh except that I have no storage space in the fridge!

7:33 pm  
Blogger Bex said...

Er. No name cola. Johann insisted that the 'real thing' be left for drinking purposes and not cooking. Similar to how you wouldn't use a good drinking red for cooking...ha!

If you can eat fresh, why eat frozen? IT's not like you're a time poor housewife! ha

11:58 am  

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