June 30, 2005

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So i'm back from my Hamilton Island Cup trip. Rockin'! This is a pic of the girls heading out to do a sprints heat in Catseye Bay in Day 2. It was also the only day of really good weather - the rest of the days were shitty, but the paddling was MAD and the parties were B-A-N-A-N-A-S!!!

Day 1 - arrived in Hamo on the early flight all blearly eyed but excited. Hung out, rigged boats and went for a nice little paddle. Rigging takes forever. There's usually alot of standing around and waiting- now referred to as the PD pose. We had extruded bolognaise sauce from the plastic bag for dinner. Early night bunking with Miss Maria, Betty, and Belle and Gavin (papa smurf) of course I was the perfect annoying Cindy Brady of the family unit.


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