June 21, 2005

Joe's chunky chocolate scarf

Joe's chunky chocolate scarf
Originally uploaded by creamy_mash.
My second ever scarf - a chunky chocolate scarf for Big Bad Joe's Bday. Unfortunately I didn't take into account his FAT neck, so it's abit short, but otherwise it is pretty stylin'!


Blogger Big Bad Joe said...

Too true..
Feel ever so HONKIE now! HAHA..
I never felt the need for a scarf, I actually thought them very GAY. That was until I went snowboarding and found that I was actually way warm!
Yeah Beck! So like when you knitting my new one longer for chunky neck?

6:10 pm  
Blogger Bex said...

Give it back to me and I will add on the extra bits. I have left over wool anyhow! As if a scarf is more honkie. I think your baller id band, forearm sweatband, beanie and leather wrist cuff are WAY honkier. Har-har! ;)

9:04 am  
Blogger Big Bad Joe said...

As if! Thats so BLACK and not HONKIE. And you and I know I am wanna be black..
Now if I could only grow a couple of inches, dunk,get rid of the slanty eyes and have natural athletic ability!

5:13 pm  

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