June 21, 2005

Today is Jason's birthday!
Happy Birthday Ah Beng!
Unfortunately my pics website is down, so you won't get to see the great picture of him 'bohchengkoh'! hehehe! On friday night we had a great surprise b'day for him involving all the things he loves the most - singing karaoke, making everyone listen to him singing karaoke, getting the chance to act gay with HT and Justin, singing more karaoke and making everyone watch him do his Alex To crotch poses, and i bet he even tried to do his ah beng version of 'coz i got high'. Some good things should never change! Don't go changing Jaysun! Hope you have a great day and lots of sucking ass from everyone! :)


Blogger jaysun said...

Thanks Becky. You're one of my oldest friends in Australia and one of my favorites.

You can depend on me to continually spy on Andy, and provide activity reort...

10:14 am  

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