June 03, 2005

Miniature Food Obsession Part 1.

When I was little I used to be fascinated by miniature things - I used to own a toy supermarket with miniature food stocks like pringles and mini cereal boxes which I think were made for Barbie sized dolls. I also used to collect erasers and my faves were the ones shaped like foods - icecreams and oreo cookies that pulled apart. I think I've always been obsessed about miniature stuff - and not because I'm a giant asian! I think it has to do with doll houses and the book The Borrowers! Anyhow I stumbled across this website that sells miniature japanese toy food http://www.jbox.com/PRODUCT/FY370 . This baking set is too cute and they have lots of other food ones including soft shell crabs! YUM!! Trust the japanese to come up with wacky stuff - they are the perfectionists at making plastic food look real. I'm officially obsessed all over again! Maybe when I have my own place I start a collection but for now I'm content with window shopping!


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