May 30, 2005

hot coke

This weekend is OC time trials and bootcamp for Hamo Cup. And as nature intended..i am sick. I don't know why but i always seem to get sick at crucial moments. Maybe it's stress related. (The ice water changes session that went for 3 hours yesterday would also be a factor... but i'm not going to blame that. What has being cold got to do with getting a cold? ;-p ) So I've decided to take my parents 'traditional' hongkie cold remedy.

Hot coke with lemon. I am too congested to care enough to take pics - trust me - coke with boiled lemons aint that visually appealing. Take your can of cola - i would say on this occasion do not use diet coke coz who knows how artificial sweetner changes once it's been boiled. Throw in some sliced lemon - the more the better I say! Tonight's mixture used half a lemon and was very ..lemony! Boil it over high heat and cover it with a lid to trap in all that cola and lemon goodness! Then serve it up and wait for it to cool just a moment or so and slurp that hot sugary lemon mixture. My parents prefer to boil their coke with ginger - but i find the 'heat' chi from the ginger is too much for my already 'heated' body, but if you have bad circulation then ginger is good.

Sometimes I think I can actually feel my teeth disolving as I drink the hot coke and lemon mixture, but it's so good when you've got a head full of snot - the sharp tangy lemon and hot sugar makes it all better...temporarily of course. I guess it's like drinking cough syrup - but there's something novel about drinking coke to make you feel better!


Blogger jaysun said...

What about the trusty "Pi-Pah-Gao" (Mandarin) or in Canto, "Chim-Pui- Pei-Pah-Go", the Hongkies' favorite cough mixture that is made up of honey and used to be endorsed by Carol Cheng?

They have a new improved formula out but not sure if it's in Australia yet.

And they have wonderful lollies version in Strepsils type packaging.

11:07 pm  
Blogger Bex said...

Will save the Pei Pah Lo for when my throat is in need of soothing. Currently snot if confined to head cold only. i hope! I have not tried the lollie versions they would be cool coz that syrup always gets stuck in between the plastic lid and the screw on lid! But i do love licking the spoon full of syrup!

11:10 pm  
Blogger jaysun said...

Can also mix with warm water for a soothing drink...

12:09 am  
Blogger YDG said...

I looooove hot cola (or ling lok) and used to make it every single day after school. It works if you "ding" the mug of cola and lemon just as well... Just have to watch that all the bubbles are boiled out before drinking. Empathise with the teeth dissolving feeling.

7:35 pm  

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