June 30, 2005

Sweatshop girls

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See those hot chicks. They're from my team. See those hot tops. They were made from my blood, sweat and jeers. Mel, Kait, Kait's Mum and mum gorgeous mum helped to hand cut and hand stitch flowers on all 20+ party tops for our hot girls. Just ignore the beer stain on the bottom of my top...

Day 4 - 42km marathon race. This was the big one - 4 hours. The storm clouds appeared and the wind picked up. It was pretty scary and exciting! I was in the start crew and it was amazing with all the crews and boats and chopper. Ed our smart steerer pushed us through the Dent Passage with precision and we smacked up and down on the waves for a while but got through the shittty water pretty quick. As soon as I got back into the support boat i started to feel abit iffy. i was watching Betty going comatose trying to stop herself gettign seasick, and then i got seasick. Hurled 3 times during the race, it was great. No really the race was great, it was an awesome experience trying to battle through the waves and blend our strokes. We hulied once, but recovered quite quickly and stayed ahead of HKIPC who we were racing all the way. I got to watch our girls cross the finish line just ahead of Cronulla - they were practically doing a dragonboat sprint for the last 500m.


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