June 30, 2005

On the buggy

On the buggy
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'Red Ginger' and I heading up the mountain on the golf buggies to watch the boys race past. We spent the weekend talking pidgin english with a fijian accent followed by manic laughter. I think everyone on the island could hear us, but none of them could understand. 'Maan, Don be like dat!'

Day 2 - 16km race AM. It was SWEET, the sun was shining, the water was blue and my crew went well. Our kick ass steerer, Steph, who chooses the best lines right next to the rocks - and my girls Maureen, Kait, Mish and Helen brought us around the island and back to the finish line in 13th place out of 29, which is awesome, we were also the first out of our 3 PDs crews. After that we did a few 500m sprints but we were more focussed on happy hour cocktails.

Went down to the street party - it was ROCKIN'. There was a great live band called Bomba from Melbourne who were great. Met some of the other teams from around the world. It's amazing that there's a whole other lifestyle on teh other side of the world that might be similar to yours.

Day3 - 1000m sprints. We did some great heats with some awesome turns, but not good enough to get into finals unfortunately! Those Mooloolabaa chicks were MASSIVE. Then we sat around watching the tide come in and our new club canoe be blessed. Early night for the big race.


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