June 30, 2005

sweatshop girls

sweatshop girls
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This is some funky shot action from Tiffy's camera - we're all waving our hands about going 'what are you doing - take the pics!' This was after a bottle of tequila and vodka. Before we headed out to the party...ALOHA!

I'm so going back next year! I can't believe it's taken me so many years to get my act together and start doing OC. My friend Kim was trying for years to get me to try it out. Anyhow never too late! There's a women's golden masters' category for over 55. So i think i've got a few more years left in me. So much to learn about steering and waves, and picking lines and technique and training in general. Only 3 months to go until Molokai, so we're having 1 week of rest and then going hard in training. We are attempting to enforce a one bikini policy – when we were at the world champs, the Chinese Womens Team all had the same haircut and body type. We decided that we are going to try a one-bikini one-body policy HAHA.


Blogger Big Bad Joe said...

You know why it is never to late to join PD's in OC? Because those mofos are like OOOLLLDDD...

Joe will be there soon, he thinks if only to move the average age bracket of the club back down to 40.


5:02 pm  

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