July 11, 2005

Massive Arm..Pain

Did I happen to tell you all that my blog has gone from being a blog about trivial everyday stuff about food and things i like or find funny and is slowly morphing into crazy lady training blog (same time last year). The first section of this entry will be crazy training lady and then other crap I did on the weekend to make me feel like I have a life.....a very jam packed one though.

1. Fat calipers are cold. Went back to my nutritionist with new meal plan and lots of talk about stuff that I know i should be eating and what i'm actually eating for marathon training. More carbs is good for more training. Revelation: For years I had snobbed off 'ice confectionery' (paddle pop) the poor cousin to real 'ice cream' (magnum) - coz who wants inferior milk fat content?! Only to find out that ice confectionery is now the good option for current diet program and ice cream is the 'once a week treat'...bah!! Anyhow the good news is that I haven't gained more fat - I'm back to my pre-training weight same time last year. no more no less. In 4 weeks I hope it will be less...again.

2. Went to 'globo gym' FF at Randwick with Mel and tried to do a tricep push-up. Cannot push 'up' on toes...gravity is too great. But can do it on knees. In 4 weeks I am to be doing them on toes.

3. Technique training on saturday - sydney harbour was so peaceful and beautiful in morning light - apparently there were penguins but I blinked and missed them! My neck has been really stiff since starting outrigging but now a technique check has now opened a new 'window' for me - apparently my head was too locked into the boat, I gotta remember to look out the window of my arm and tilt my head with my body...

3. Tried out Kait's sunbeam standing mixer and baked some cupcakes for the bbq on sunday. I am so in love with super powerful motor and stainless steel mixing bowls and sexy retro design and.... Cupcakes and icing were a breeze. Pink Icing action and hyperactive sugar and domestic bliss all over again!

4. Satay Queen Sharlene Wong impresses me with her talents in marinading and quality control on skewers! The bbq was great and it didnt rain and I caught up with the girls and their children (soooo cute) It was nice to see old faces and hear new stories.

5. Breakfast at Tradewinds/Tiffany's. Sunday's trainign got cancelled due to high winds (woohoo) so mel and I hightailed it to Tradewinds (see the connection) and scarfed down some amazing lebanese oregano bread (i think it had z'aatar or something) and pancakes to compensate for bad dinner the night before at Wagamamas. Watched Breakfast at Tiffany's at Maks with Tiffy and girls after BBQ - i love that movie but the book is also great!

6. Vodka dry and limes x 10! and Tequila! There's something special about dry ginger ale....

Okay that's about it.

Special thanks this week go to:
Gregan - for helping fix my computer
Shar mars tracey for satay skewering and taste testing cupcakes
Mak - for 'tough' wallet
Mel - for clean sheets and strong 'roadie' mix.
Kait - for putting abit of sunbeaming into my life!

Things to look forward to this week - hanging out with YDG, sleep, self inflicted muscular pain at Globo Gym, more carbs, less icecream and more ice confectionery, more moisturising.


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