July 05, 2005

FFF!(Farkin' Fitness First)

Yes. After much anticipation and a slight setback(hamo trip), I finallly made it down to the new FF at Rockdale. And it was HUGE. LIke mega 100 times bigger than my old women's gym. I've never been a fan of big gyms - particularly unisex ones. but for ages I lamented at the quality of equipment, lack of classes and breathing space at other gyms. My last gym was a womens only one and there wasn't much visual and aural motivation to get my body pumped next to the middle aged post baby no.3 mum's who just didn't want to live in tracksuits anymore. So when the opportunity came to sign up and join the brand spanking new FF down the road, I couldnt' resist. (plus my old gym moved). So i went bymyself and within 2 minutes I was lost. Couldn't find the changerooms at first coz they were right down teh back, and when i did i got lost in them trying to find the toilets in the maze of lockers. Oh yes - relaxation zone - my ass!! So i went to use the weights and I seriously felt like a country hick. I ain't seen so many weird looking machines and all, Jethro! haha. It took me 2 rounds to find the lat pulldown machine! Anyhow it was abit weird, like being in the Westfield's of gyms. or abit like Globo gym in 'Dodgeball'...but I bet i'll grow to love it soon..since i'll be spending so much time there in the next few months!


Blogger jaysun said...

Welcome to Fitness First Becky... you now have "access to the world"... cheh-kai wording on the membership card.

Yes I know how confusing going to a new gym can be... apart from knowing where the equipment's kept, it is absolutely essential that you know which urinal in the men's room gets easily stuck so you can avoid using it.

Keep going now while it's new cause soon it'll be smell like sweat and chow ang mohs.

11:18 am  
Blogger Big Bad Joe said...

Yeah, welcome to the gym beck! HAHA...
Massive back and arms action it is!

I second the importance of knowing the right toilet. Cha-chong went to the womens toilet during the Swans match the other week and got outed by a little girl! HAHA...

Try not to get even bigger than your bf lah.. HAHA>.

1:13 pm  
Blogger G said...

haha.. maybe you should take Tif with you :)

4:34 pm  

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