July 05, 2005

First training. then party

So tonight was our first official molokai training session - we tried the Lisa Curry Kenny format and it was quite effective. Sat in seat 2 behind Mel. Lovin her 'hit' and setup of her stroke, makes it easy to follow her rhythmn. Feeling uber tired now, but good tired. Still have abit of dog cough and snot head.

There's so much training to be done. My goals by the end of the 11 weeks are:
1. Paddle like a mad woman but in control of her own destiny!
2. Be fitter than I have EVER EVER been in my life (as far as i can remember)
3. No chicken wing arms - there will be NO flapping!
4. Smaller gut than post China trip (oh yes. I WILL fit those size 12 Diesel jeans that would now require two people to peel onto me if i attempted to put them on).
5. Do a change into seat two like a seal. or maybe more like a orca whale stealing a seal from the beach. All stealth like and then 'whooooshka' in and out before you know it!


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