August 19, 2005

rage against the machine

I got all fired up at work today when i spoke to an applicant. Aside from the fact that he was a buffoon, i think the freshly painted red walls in the customer service area contributed to my rage. Everyone in the service area heard me and afterwards were telling me in "more power to ya!". Woo!

I was so overcome with adrenalin that i had to go to woolies and pick up a packet of salt and vinegar chips haha.. i just had a craving from them over the past week and there's no stopping a craving like that. While I was in the queue there was a display of the new 'pria' bars that Powerbar are trying to sell to women who are health conscious but still need a sugar fix in the arvo. I see that Pria chick on a 2 metre high billboard of the pria chick everytime I go to Globo Gym (it's next to the back extension machine). The thing is - I actually only noticed the pria bars because they were sitting in a twix bars box! haha Someone at woolies is reallly thinking... get our attention with Twix bars but force us to re-evalutate their self image by putting low fat health food bars inside them which cost twice as much as chocolate! Imagine the possibilities....pregnancy tests inside condom boxes, rice crackers inside chip bags...Needless to say, I raged against the subversive marketing and walked out of there with two packets of chips and a block of chocolate. heee!


Blogger giveittomehardbigboy said...

eh, how can you eat so much?

2:27 pm  

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