September 05, 2005

Happy Birthday Mel

Bec and Mel on OC1, originally uploaded by creamy_mash.

Yeah so this is actually a picture of Me and Mel on the borrowed OC1s at in Rodd Point. This was our second OC1 training session at Voodoo's place which is in an awesome location - only 100metres walk to the water - except must dodge traffic along Henley Marine Drive with boat.

Anyhow it's Mel's birthday today! I finished her UBER giant purple scarf. It's like for a giant. extra wide and extra long (2m in length using almost 300m of wool). It's too wide for a scarf, not wide enough for a shawl. I should have listened to my mother. ha ha.


Blogger G said...

you know.. you'd think having lived around the bay area I'd actually do something watery .. but I've only been in there *once* when I tried ROWING once... when I was 16.

apart from that I've never had anything to do with it.. pathetic huh? even after someone left us a windsurfer it's just been stuck here in the backyard - anyone want a sailboard??

8:00 am  

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