August 29, 2005

coffee in the pub

coffee in the pub, originally uploaded by creamy_mash.

What a long weekend! Well actually it was a long weekend for me as I had today off. Let's start from the beginning...

Friday night - support crew for the paddling girls who did the oxfam Trailwalker! My girls were awesome, imagine walking 24 hours in day and night - now that's CRAAZY. Much more crazy than paddling 7 hours in Hawaiian waters! Anyhow we missed the first checkpoint and met up with the team at the second checkpoint and set up our little car boot next to the highly organised set up of the Army boys. They had chairs, tables, laptops with DVD movies, camping stoves with gas tanks with HOT soup. We had people sitting in the boot covered in sleeping bags with warmish soup...but it was a fun friday night - i think I was glad to be supporting and not walking!

Saturday - 2m rolling swells between the Heads. Ideal for surfing in a canoe! Hawaii here we come...3 weeeks to go. Saturday night spent with Jpeg's cousin's westie friends. Even though I'm going out with a westie, saturday night made me realise how far off I am from being a westie. I'm practically a snob by comparison! Oh wait. i was always a snob. :P

Sunday - Fun in the pool. Changes practice at Ryde Aquatic centre - felt like a wuss compared to the 13 year old girls in the next pool playing competition water polo pushing each other underwater. vicious!

Later we went down to Woolwich Pier Pub for coffee...which was very nice - except that cute bar tender didn't know how to make a skim mocha...but in fairness, it's pretty cool to be able to order coffee in a pub. And that's beginning of Mel's purple birthday scarf next to the coffee.

Today - yes, it was glamour photo day. I was abit apprehensive at first, but it was great fun and the pics turned out nice. No pics until next month.

P.S. Did not see Tony Chan's ugly mug once while he was here. Hello Tony!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Eh thought u went skiing with the rest la!! How come u never came for drinks on Friday?? :P WOuld have loved to have listened to all your paddling misadventures..


6:06 pm  
Blogger YDG said...

Baklava!! I LOOOVE Baklava. When you go to Turkey, you will be eating it till honey is coming out of your pores (not necessarily a bad thing).

Oxfam know William my nut friend? well his teammates pulled out after constant vomiting and diarrhoea and knee problems (mind you, after 40km) so after that, he RAN the remaining distance, overtaking 22 teams, to finish in 19hours. . but of course, disqualified because they only had 2 team members left.

6:48 pm  

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