October 25, 2005

damn. you eat alot.

That is a direct quote from HT. And to keep up that reputation, tonight I went to Meat and Wine Co in Darling Harbour and ate an entire rack of ribs. and the chips. and the salad (except the carrot garnish). When the waitress arrived at the table she gave the ribs to tif and his steak to me but then I told her that it was for me, and seriously - everyone in our section as watching coz the ribs are HUGE -like that Flintstones bit when they attach a rack of ribs to the side of their car at the diner. Dino-ribs! I could hear them all thinking "OMG! They're HERS!" oink!

Boy those ribs were juicy and tender , falling away from that bone and melting in my mouth..yum! I was doing fine until the last rib...when I arrived in struggletown. It was the point of no return. I was too far gone to give up, so I had to eat it. I motivated myself by pretending I was on an Amazing Race task. ha - every last scrap had to be eaten to complete that task...and tomorrow I am going to...the gym.

(i like to think that i am replenishing lost energy stores from yesterday's race, but let's not kid ourselves - I ate continuously before during and after the race. Almost a case of more energy in than out.)


Blogger Big Bad Joe said...

Meat And Wine Co! My favourite. Last time I was there, I ate my ribs and I reckon another set of ribs as I was eating the rest of the girls at works ribs as well! Haha..

Nice work Becks! U win, you are the biggest oinker of them all!


5:05 pm  
Blogger giveittomehardbigboy said...

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5:18 pm  
Blogger giveittomehardbigboy said...

you must give the best BJs cause you're always hungry

5:20 pm  
Blogger Bex said...

HT you farker. Chewing action when hungry is not conducive to giving good BJs

5:57 pm  
Blogger jaysun said...

Sounds like you speak from experience...

6:37 pm  

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