November 10, 2005

amazing race

Oh yes.
We are in.
Following the lead from Madamoiselle Cherie and Homeboy Cheech, a bunch of us girlies have put in our teams for the
Sydney adventure race which is touted to be run in a similar style to The Amazing Race. Of course it won't be the same without a camera crew to follow us around, or the $1million prize money, but I plan to run around and talk in an obnoxious american accent and throw hissy fits at every opportunity. We have a two team alliance known as 'Flipside Wahines' and 'Flipside Maramas' (maramas is fijian for hot chick haha). Can't wait!


Blogger Big Bad Joe said...

Haha..The only thing you need to put on is the American accent..Haha..

You are already obnoxious and throw hissy fits at every available opportunity..

Hmm..I'm interested..Looking for a partner for the race now!


8:23 pm  
Anonymous Cherie said...

Hey that adventure race looks cool. how dare you not tell me about it!

12:20 pm  

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