October 26, 2005


Tonight we played bball and I sucked. BADLY. I'm having a relapse in lack of confidence and to be honest it's hard to expect me to keep up my shooting and game skills when I don't actually practice. *sigh* Feeling abit low about it - we lost tonight by 10 points and I was just chucking up random shots, and I was getting annoyed coz they were tiny japanese girls who are all very good at playing - they boxed me out and shut me down (not that there was much to shut down). Anyhow my fitness is also lacking - yeah i can paddle on my ass for 11 hours, but I can't run up and down a court for 11 minutes without losing my breath. Guess i should start running more, or maybe just quit. Our team isn't performing badly - we are third on the table, and semi-finals are next week, but next season the tall girls are leaving (I honestly think it's more to do with our crapness - they play so well and play harder comps.)

On other news - today is my 2 year anniversary with jpeg. Didn't get to see him today though, he's on some work conference in the blue mts. So double crap I guess.


Blogger G said...

damn.. they're leaving? That's gonna hurt. Who will you find to replace them?

If only I was a girl I swear I'd play! hehe.. er not funny is it??

hmm.. sorry to hear you had a crap day.

3:30 am  

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