November 01, 2005

how to make a party look 'happening'

Friday night's opening season party was a fizzer. There's no VIBE! Jpeg has vowed to never go to anymore PD parties. Not enough bourbons. Not enough music in his case.

We persisted with the party for a few hours and then it really died in the arse. But before we left we decided to take some pictures to make it look more 'happening!'

Step 1. find nearest group of people and say "we are going to take a picture and I want everyone to look like they are having a good time!"
Step 2. throw your arms up in the air and yell out during the picture and look like you're having a good time
Result. A photo that captures people looking like they are having a good time. even if they didn't. And people who weren't there think "gee that party looks kind of happening". or not.


Blogger jaysun said...

Also can employ Ah Beng to take photos. I specialise in making boring events look good and I'm the biggest poser ever!

9:34 am  
Blogger Bex said...

Yes. Maybe we can start up a company that makes events a success purely based on posing in photos for media...

12:03 pm  
Blogger jaysun said...

And you don't need alcohol and can even have chow ang mohs around to have a good time!

11:55 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


2:08 pm  

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