November 08, 2005

just before i sleep...

Blogs are full of weird and wonderful stuff! Two things I stumbled upon...

The quest for a 30,000 calorie sandwich . This has nothing to do with 1000 calorie lash mascara. It's about a dude and his quest to make a mega high calorie sandwich. HT and Joe, take note. Gregan - i think you should steer clear of this website...i feel my arteries clogging just looking at it. The original sandwich looked more appealing, whereas that deep fried version is just overkill! I actually did make an italian sandwich of a similar size for our summer picnic earlier this year - but hell, that sandwich fed 12 people.

For the crafters, You knit what? is HELLA funny. Pictures of CRAP and bizarre things that people knit like furry knitted beer stubbie holders and ugly manchos (man ponchos). They lose points for being anti-Hello Kitty though. ha ha

PS. Pom Pom update. Have made 3 successful red pompoms! Yay! The 4th one was an overly ambitious over-stuffed pink one...more like conjoined pom pom twins... haha.


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