November 06, 2005

So I went away for the weekend with Jpeg to a nice little beach house on the central coast in a little suburb called Killcare just before Gosford. It was relaxing, no mobile reception, no clocks, no schedules camera. Oops. i packed my camera charger, but left the camera in the other bag. *sigh* It wasn't so great for pics anyhow - abit overcast with grey skies, but the house was decorated in a real seaside beach shack/ nautical theme, which I would have liked to have a few pictures of...abit tacky but thoroughly enjoyable.
Now I feel obligated to join the work syndicates for 19 million lotto so i can afford my own holiday house - I would definately decorate it in a hawaiian beach shack theme...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey BeckSTAR,

Too bad about camera... Its just as bad when you remember to bring the digital camera with no batteries but forget to bring the re-charger. That's what happened in Hobart.

Good to hear weekend away was good.


9:52 am  

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