November 07, 2005

crafty projects

Today I just finished Miss Caroline's moss green scarf. I didn't ask if she meant dark green moss or light yellow green moss...haha so i chose a universal moss green yarn. It has about 4 different greens to cover all bases. I'm calling it the 'everykindofmossgreen' scarf. Only 99 scarves to go til xmas...haha

I'm a bad yarn hoarder. It's differs from being a yarn hoarder, in that I dont hoard yarn for future projects. I *somehow* buy yarn which i think will be good then realise it's crap to knit with and has poor texture qualities (like chalky acrylic or itchy wool) and by then it's too late to exchange or return, so it just sits in my little pile of wool over there in the corner of my room. So i've decided to make good use of bad yarn pile and maybe make some pompoms. I did abit of online searching and found some nice cheap plastic pompom makers (yes they make them, and yes they are better than cutting cardboard circles like in primary school). What I also found was a job description for pompom maker.

Fabricates pompoms for knitted headwear: Gathers spools of yarn according to type and color specified on work order. Positions and secures winding wheel on workbench. Threads yarn through tension devices and guides of winding wheel. Manually rotates wheel to form skein of yarn. Ties string around yarn, pulls yarn from wheel, and cuts yarn between strings to form pompom, using handsaw or scissors. Fluffs yarn by hand into shape of pompom.

Who knew that pompom making was a career choice? I guessed that machines would have replaced the entire process..but I never knew that pompom fluffer was a human skill. (no, HT. not _that_ kind of fluffer)


Blogger jaysun said...

Make me a pom-pom and I'll be your cheer leader...

10:08 am  
Blogger giveittomehardbigboy said...

When are you going to knit a scarf for me?

Make sure you use red cashmere for mine. My birthday is early next month.

11:28 am  
Blogger Bex said...

Why do you need two cashmere scarves. One is enough. you need a cycling balaclava.heeeheee

12:17 pm  

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